With 8 year successful follow-ups and scientific records; patient turning 100 years old.

Rev. Fr. JOHN MATHEW ELANJILETH, an Indian origin 91 years and 43 days old male, as on 08-05-2012 (8 years back), reported to our clinic with the complaint of missing upper left back tooth. Fr. John had been working as a chaplain in USA for the past 50 years.

Rev. Fr. JOHN MATHEW ELANJILETH reported that his upper (maxillary) left second molar was extracted 10 years back from a private dental clinic in USA. He wanted to have dental implant done in the region, but the dentists in USA were not willing to do so since his age was above 80 years & other dental insurance issues. So he came to India to enquire about the same.

Prof. Dr. JIJO PAUL, Director at Mazhuvenchery speciality dental clinic, Aluva, examined the patient and confirmed that the patient was fit to undergo dental treatment with dental implant after taking the OPG X-ray and other diagnostic measures. Prof. Dr. JIJO PAUL at his age of 40 years, prepared patient for surgical procedure as per surgical protocol & dental implant was placed in the maxilla in relation to 27 on 8th June 2012.

After 6 months when proper osseointegration was ensured, an abutment was fixed on the implant on 15-01-2013, following which a zirconium crown was placed on 18-01-2013. Father John has been undergoing follow-up visits at regular intervals. The patient has undergone 8 years of successful follow-ups. Father is fully satisfied with his dental implant & his radiographic findings are also satisfactory at his age. Now he is 99 years.